Houston, Texas –  Mayor Sylvester Turner, Special Advisors, and Task Force on Anti-Human Trafficking

1st Year Update 2017

As of April 17, 2017, “We are pleased to announce 59 of 91 plan tactics have been completed. The following report highlights significant progress we have made and the areas demanding more work. ”

Please visit City of Houston Against Modern Day Slavery for complete plan update and click on Strategic Plan, Update.

Also, download help for victims, direct outreach resources, request speakers, access free toolkits & more!

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Prayer of Dedication to God, whose Son is Jesus Christ & our Holy Spirit

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Praise & worship featured artist, Emmanuel Adams Bello

1) Vessel    2)  Ceto    3)  The Cross

English translation:  Oh my Jesus, your death has given me freedom!  

Oh my Jesus, your blood has washed my sins away!  Oh my Jesus, your cross has given me salvation!  Oh my Jesus, I’ve got freedom and healing in you!

You’ve taken my sins away and have given me a new life free!             

What can I offer to you for what you’ve done for me?
All that is required of me is to look at the Cross, through faith am saved!

The blood of Christ has qualified me to be righteous!
The blood of Christ has freed me from the bondage of sin!
Jesus freed me from darkness and filled me with the Holy Spirit!

The devil has no power over me anymore.
I sing Hallelujah for his finished work on the cross for me!